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Sliding door controller MO740

  • For 230 V AC motors to max. 1.1 kW
  • Electronic power limitation and motor switch-off
  • Electronic motor brake for AC motors
  • Direct or indirect limit switch methods or run-time methods
  • Dead-man, self-stopping and automatic operating mode
  • Emergency operation if safety system fails
  • Integrated light barrier testing and evaluation for OPEN and CLOSED up to 6 light barrier pairs each
  • Integrated evaluation of two 8.2 kΩ safety terminal strips/circuits or for two opto-electronic safety terminal strips/circuits
  • Supply automatics and light barrier closing automatics
  • Supply automatics for full opening and partial opening
  • Light and warning light or red/green traffic light function
  • Plug location for radio receiver
  • Housing size (W x H x D) 160 x 360 x 100 mm

Further versions and pre-cabling for customer-specific drives on request.