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Service unit ZS701

For LogiTed® door controls MO700 / MO710 / MO713 / MO740 

The ZS701 service unit makes initial start-up of LogiTed(r) door controls considerably easier, and also offers numerous additional functions. It enables, for example, the total number of door movements to be shown during maintenance and also display of any possible events/defects which have occurred.

Timer ASU2 

For LogiTed® door controls MO700 / MO710 / MO713 / MO740 

Digital 2-channel timer with daily/weekly program. 

Break-in alarm controller ZBA7GT

For all LogiTed® door controls

For all LogiTed® door controls with operation via keyswitch.

If there has been any manipulation to the keyswitch, an alarm message is given out and the door unit is locked. 

Relay box RB1, RB2, RB3

For all LogiTed® door controls 




As switching amplifier for activation of a motor. 
The motor can be separately operated using an additional button input. 

Add-on receiver  EKXR710, EFXR710

For all LogiTed® door controls



Receiver circuit board 434 MHz or 868 Mhz in the versions with X coding or in Keelog Hoppingcode, any number of switching channels.

Reversing contactor ZSTZ

For all LogiTed® door controls with 230 V motor connection

The ZSTZ reversing contactor can be used for activation of AC drives. Supplied in separate housing (housing size (W x H x D) 160 x 120 x 92 mm). If the reversing contactor is used, not all controller functions are available.